Soon the Only Creatine HCl Producer in USA!

Vireo Systems, with their manufacturing partner Vireo Resources, is moving the manufacturing of its CON-CRĒT: Patented Creatine HCl stateside! This will be the only domestically manufactured creatine available. Most creatine products come from China along with a small percentage from Germany.

Startup is expected in Q1 of 2023, but by Q2 Vireo should be able to produce over 500,000 kg of Creatine HCl in our GMP and ISO certified 24/6 facility. This will all be done by sourcing mostly domestic raw materials and combining them into one of three reactors. From there the conversion to Creatine HCl will occur and then the product will be passed on to a large rotating dryer where it completes its reaction. It will then be packed out into a variety of containers depending on the end customer and product.

Vireo is excited for 2023 and the opportunity to be the lone manufacturer of Creatine HCl in the United States.